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Dr. Anita Singh
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Anita Singh


With You Every Step of the Way

My husband Byron and I had been married for 5 years and in our late 30's with no luck of becoming pregnant. We decided to see a doctor since we weren't getting any younger and went to a local doctor close to our home. Over the course of a year, he had tried many procedures to get us pregnant, but to no avail. We decided we needed to move on to an infertility specialist and contacted and gathered information from every infertility clinic within 200 miles of our home. We knew once we read Dr. Singh's credentials from the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale that we would be going to see her. Dr. Singh met with us and talked about the different procedures and felt that IVF would be the best route for us. She made my husband and I feel very comfortable and we were really excited because we felt so positive that the procedure would work. On the day of retrieval we had gotten 19 embryos, 15 fertilized and 4 were implanted. Dr. Singh was with us every step of the way and when I came in to the office to have an ultrasound to see if we had gotten pregnant, she was right there pointing out our little miracle and telling us that yes, you are pregnant. She shared in our joy and we are so very grateful to her. On June 4, 2002 I gave birth to a beautiful 7 lb 12 oz baby boy, Noah. 

We wanted to add to our family and went back to Dr. Singh to do a frozen embryo transfer. Again, 4 were implanted and we were very blessed again to get pregnant and we delivered another healthy baby boy, Micah on July 16, 2004. I can't tell you how much I love Dr. Singh. She is so very caring and professional and we are so grateful to her. Both the fresh IVF cycle and the frozen went very smooth and she was with us every step of the way. 

We have 6 embryos left and chose to move our embryos to California where Dr. Singh is now in practice. It is only a 6 hr. drive to have her do the procedure again, but we would have gone across the United States if we had to. She is a wonderful doctor.

Dr Anita Singh is a God

My wife was suffering from Premature overian failure. So we started planning for a child. We went to many doctor in St Louis (MO), India (Kolkata) and Los Angeles (CA). Every other doctor told to do IVF or adopt a baby. Getting IVF was too costly, but we made our minds to do it. We were looking for finacial options for the same. In parallel, we went to meet Dr Singh in June 2015, Our Gyancologist asked to meet any ER. One of our friend refer Dr Singh. During our first counselling, Dr Singh very patiently understood our mental status and gave all possible option. One of them was IUI, which was very cheap in cost but very effective. She want us to do IUI before going for IVF. We were very supprised, because no other doctor told us about IUI. So we thought to consult other doctor, to make sure we dont have any other problem. But the confindence given by Dr Singh, was not given by another Dr in the city. So went back to Dr Singh.  We paid just 300$ for IUI. My wife had just 1 egg left, by the time we came back to Dr Singh. So we were left to hatch just 1 egg, so that we can have biological baby. It was Dr Singh confidence that we planned for IUI with 1 egg. It was a miracle that we were pregnent with that 1 egg. Dr Singh and team very carefully monitored the progress each and every day until first 3 month. Once we cross the 3 months, Dr Singh asked to choose the Gyancologist as per the convience. 

  To be frank, we never thought we will have a baby without IVF. I would recomended every want to be parents to visit Dr Singh and get consulated. We have gone lot of mental stress, before we reached Dr Singh. We had a healhy baby girl delivered on 2/16/16. 

Great Service and Guidance

Dear Dr. Singh, 

I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to say to you for sometime now. It’s hard to find words adequate to express the profound gratitude my husband and I feel toward you. 

As you know, our journey down the path to parenthood was a challenging one. I remember days that I would walk into your office struggling with feelings of defeat, and you were a source of encouragement to me. I received excellent care as your patient, but what I appreciated most, was how comfortable you made me feel. You were always open and honest with me, very kind, and regardless of how busy a schedule you had, you would stay with me until every last question I had was answered. Your empathy and genuine care for your patients is what makes you stand out from the rest of your peers. 

I know you shared our excitement when the news of our success finally came. The moment we held our sweet baby girl, the years of pain from infertility just melted away. We could never have imagined the joy that awaited us. My husband and I can honestly say that we believe we have been blessed with infertility. Infertility has given us a family, a life and a passion we cold not have found through any other route. 

Dr. Singh, we thank you for your roll in the creation of our dream come true. We will never forget your great service and guidance. Whatever comes throughout this life, you can take heart in knowing that your work brings hope and makes the future brighter for many. 

With Grateful Hearts...

Kind, Generous, Professional Help

Both my husband and me are extremely grateful to Dr. Singh for everything she did to help us get at the point in life where we are today. We flew to seek treatment from her with great hopes after being referred by a close friend. She met with us, carefully examined the reports, and assured us that we still have hopes at the same time being very realistic about the entire situation. The amount of time Dr. Singh spent talking to us on the very first day was more than the total amount of time my previous RE had given me during the course of entire IVF cycle. 

Dr. Singh explained to us very thoroughly what the details from the past medical treatment reports meant. It was extremely hurtful to hear from our previous RE that one failed IVF cycle is conclusive of the fact that my ovaries were not able to produce good quality eggs in my late 20s. Dr. Singh assured me that that is just not true. During the course of the treatment she and her staff were extremely supportive, caring, and responsive to every single question I had. 

Thank you Dr. Singh for your kind, generous, professional help. We are blessed to have our little girl Aneri in our lives, and we probably wouldn't have made it this far without your help. I wish you all the best with your new practice through which you will continue to reach out to people like myself by helping them achieve their dream of creating a beautiful family.

Thanks again...

Deeply Grateful

My husband and I live in Arizona and started consultations with Dr. Singh in 1998 regarding infertility problems. At that time. Dr. Singh was the director of the Reproductive and Endocrinology and Infertility division of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Singh determined that we were good candidates for IVF with ICSI based on the various factors presented. 

Our first transfer was challenging and Dr. Singh was there at every step to ensure our child had every opportunity to make it into this world. I experienced over-stimulation from the fertility medications and it created numerous challenges beyond those normally present with the procedures we selected. All in all, we transferred three embryos in our first transfer and were blessed with a wonderful 6 pound 15 ounce little boy, Kaden William. 

Our second transfer was a bit smoother, as we used frozen embryos and did not have the additional challenge relating to the fertility medication. In our second transfer, we transferred two embryos and were blessed with an 8 pound, 4 ounce little girl, Kerrington Ann. 

We are deeply grateful to Dr. Singh and all of her efforts to help us realize our dreams of having children. She was extremely professional, very calm and always accessible. During our first pregnancy, she guided us through an emergency surgery and helped to properly diagnose a condition that specialists originally believed was leukemia. With Dr. Singh’s positive attitude and her professional guidance, we were able to deal with every challenge that presented itself through the process. We are forever grateful to Dr. Singh and her staff for all they did for us. 

Finally, we still have embryos in storage and have had them transferred to Dr. Singh’s facility. If we decide to have another child in the future, we will travel to California for the procedure. We would not want anyone other than Dr. Singh to perform these procedures for us. In our opinion, she is well educated and one of the best doctors in her field.

Dr. Singh Really Cares!

Finding LifeStart Fertility Center, and specifically Dr. Singh, was the best thing that has happened to us. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for a little over a year and we were becoming frustrated month after month of unsuccessful attempts. My husband is the one that encouraged us to find a fertility specialist and he set the actual appointment. If it had not been for him, I am not sure how long I would have waited. I kept putting it off. 

In our first appointment I learned that there were so many options for fertility treatments and I really was not aware of any of them before. We met with Dr. Singh and she spent a few hours with us going over our background and performing the most thorough exam I have ever had. 

We set up a plan to follow and I finally felt that we were on the right track. Dr. Singh took her time with us in each office visit and she answered all of our questions in terms that we could understand. Her follow up was amazing and I felt that she was what a true doctor should be.  She called me on the weekends, her office always returned my calls immediately, and she seemed very passionate about her profession. 

It is wonderful to have someone who really cares for her patients and loves what she does. She has an impeccable background and she is respected and admired by others in the same profession. I encourage anyone that has been trying to start a family for 6 months or longer to make an appointment with Dr. Singh. Don't hesitate...get the facts and make a plan for your family. We went through one round of In Vitro Fertilization and we were successful in our first attempt! My husband and I were very happy with the reproductive center and we were in great hands since everything was done in one facility. Every member of the staff was very compassionate and sensitive to our needs. I think it is important to realize that the process of fertilization is really only two weeks of following your recommended protocol...not a long process. 

Dr. Singh was amazing throughout our entire experience. She was thoughtful, caring, easy to understand, and always had our best interest in mind. Not only that, she made a difficult situation a great experience and we really enjoyed our appointments with her. The follow up and personal attention we received was second to none and something that you don't normally see in today's healthcare environment. We would highly recommend her to anyone!

Happy, Healthy, Pregnancy

LifeStart Fertility - IVF Success StoryIn September 2001, my husband and I met for our initial consultation with Dr. Singh at the Mayo Clinic. We had been told that in-vitro fertilization was our only chance for conceiving a child after my husband’s vasectomy reversal had failed. After that very first meeting, I knew Dr. Singh was the right doctor for me. She was straightforward, kind, and patient. She answered all of our questions fully and was genuinely interested in getting to know us. She could not offer us any guarantees, but she gave us hope. And, most importantly, she cared. 

A few months after our first meeting, we began our first (and only) cycle of in-vitro fertilization. Dr. Singh fully prepared me for exactly what would happen in each step of the process, as well as the possible risks. When I had questions or concerns, she was more than happy to take the time to talk with me or reassure me. Dr. Singh and her staff were as excited and hopeful about our potential success as we were. They were supportive and positive throughout my cycle. On March 23, 2002, we transferred two embryos. Two weeks later, we received the news we had been hoping to hear…I was pregnant! One month later, we found out that I was pregnant with twins and our hearts soared! 

In November 2002, after a happy, healthy pregnancy, I gave birth to two beautiful girls. Both weighed in at just about six pounds and perfect in every way. The day after they were born, I made a weepy and emotional phone call to Dr. Singh to thank her for making our dreams come true. 

I attribute our success not only to Dr. Singh’s competence and skill as a reproductive specialist, but also her ability to make me feel comfortable and safe through an emotional and sometimes difficult process. 

Out of all the doctors I've ever had or will have in my life...Dr. Singh will be the one most special to me because she helped bring me my beautiful miracles. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Never Gave Up Hope

In 2001, we were referred to Dr. Singh after having infertility problems. We had just moved temporarily to Scottsdale, AZ where Dr. Singh was the director of the Mayo Thunderbird Reproductive Center. Dr. Singh determined that ICSI and IVF would be viable options for us. 

Over the course of the next two years, we went through four unsuccessful transfers. During this time, we lived in four different states but continued our fertility treatment with Dr. Singh. She worked with our local ob/gyn as a satellite partner to allow us to continue treatment with her. Dr. Singh and her staff were dedicated to helping us recognize our dream of having a child. They were flexible and accessible every step of the way. Throughout our struggle to have children, Dr. Singh never gave up hope for us. She would analyze and discuss with us our unsuccessful in vitro attempts and make decisions for the next course of action. 

In March 2003, we received the incredible news we had dreamed of for so long. Our fifth transfer was a success and we were expecting twins! We were blessed with two healthy baby girls in October 2003. Ava was born 7lbs 8oz and Elise weighed 6lbs 1oz. 

It is impossible to explain our adoration and appreciation for Dr. Singh. Her support and compassion were instrumental in us realizing our dream of having our beautiful children. She will forever have a very special place in our hearts.

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